Lord, Mold These Clay Feet

How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! O LORD, they walk in the light of Your countenance. (1)

Living in the power of Christ brings me daily to the throne of God. Each day I pray that God will mold my clay feet to walk in the might of His power. How vitally important it is to be a pure vessel. To be presented faultless before God’s throne. I’ve become more aware of God’s presence in praying this simple little prayer.

“Lord mold my clay feet to walk in Your ways, guide me into Your truth.”

Our precious Savior is intentional about His presence and purpose, and is presently actively working in each life today. God wills for you to come and experience Him too, on a much deeper level. It is in crisis He gets your full attention and then meets you where you are. When are you searching the most to satisfy your inner most longings? It is when you are hungry, discontent and desperate? It is in these moments an urgent cry is lifted to God. Those longings for relief open a door for a Savior to come and manifest Himself to you. Your needs put you at a vantage point of spiritual gain. These troubles keep working to increase your faith. They also expose your flaws, and where you are weak He is strong! He has given the necessary tools to live triumphant in Christ.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (2)

The most important tool in following Christ is to study His Word by learning and knowing without a shadow of a doubt who God is and what you believe. Your faith will testify to what you believe and give assurance of your salvation. God’s Word is the sweetest love letter ever. He loves you so much He’s given you the Living Word, where you can be encouraged to find the same hope other believers have found. For example, the Apostle Paul taught sound doctrine in many letters that he wrote. These nuggets of truth provide security through the crisis of life. They’re our anchor! “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (3) The more God’s promises are claimed, the greater increase of spiritual empowerment to live victoriously. When you experience the love of Jesus flowing through you it is powerful. He lives in you to shine for His glory. How in tune are you with the Lord’s gentle promptings to live His way? Or to put it another way, are you daily living in the power of Christ? Do inconveniences distract you from following Him?

Let’s be diligent to pray and to seek God’s direction. In these tender moments of searching, a reason for significance is rising. Purpose and meaning are complete when you become a part in God’s kingdom. He has great plans for you!

May you come to God and commit all your instruments to Him. Not only your feet to walk in His ways, but also your hands to serve Him, lips to proclaim His truths, eyes and ears to be trained to discern good and evil and know how to live for His glory. Yield your heart, soul, mind and spirit that God may consecrate them to use them as instruments of rightness.

O Heavenly Father, mold these clay feet to walk in Your path and to learn Your truths. Take these shaky hands and move them to do Your work, Your way. Cause my frail heart to beat along with Yours and I will savor the sweetest divine love from above. May my praise and adoration bring You glory. Amen!

1. Psalm 89:15 (kjv)
2. Psalm 119:105 (nas)
3. 1 Tim. 3: 16-17 (niv)

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3 Responses to Lord, Mold These Clay Feet

  1. Cheryl Nicholson says:

    Kimby, thanks for fleshing out the Word and giving it feet! For helping us to focus so intently on Christ and His presence; turning up the volume for us to her His voice in a more intimate way!

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